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Who is FREQQ?

The Minnesota Native

Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Freqq started spitting rhymes at a young age. From freestyling with his homies to bringing High Level Rap to the Twin Cities. Inspired by his life events, Freqq is here to set the precedent in the rap game, delivering with crazy metaphors and story telling abilities that are sure to keep you hooked!

Freqq's first debut release 'Luv U 4 Ever' put his name on the map, with a plethora of fire music in the vault, he ready for the world to hear him. 

"They either gonna like it or not, I'm speaking on me and I hope it hits somebody!  You feel me?

                                                               - Freqq

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Freqq - Mixing Addictions feat. Tandy (Official Video)


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